Set Realistic Sales Targets

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In the course of my sales career, I can’t count the number of times that I had unrealistic sales targets imposed on me by some distant senior manager. To make matters worse, my pay was often determined by how well … Continued

Product Knowlege

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Here is the challenge. Our customers count on technical sales people to be experts in their field. But lets face it, many sales people are not engineers. They may well have been hired because of a proven track record in … Continued

Open Ended Questions

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Open ended questions are probably the most useful tool in your sales bag. So what is an open ended question? It is a question that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no, or a an A, B or … Continued

A Nice Firm Handshake

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My daughter’s car was diagnosed as terminal, so she and my wife went car shopping. They quickly dismissed one dealership because they didn’t like the salesman. Of course I wanted details, since good selling is one of our mandates at … Continued

Watch the Jargon

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I had the pleasure of working for a couple of Fluke distributors over the years. One of Fluke’s premiere products was a line of process calibrators that featured the ability to save calibration measurements and document the readings via software. … Continued

Why I Love the iPad

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Apple’s new iPad hits the streets in about a month. I love it. I want one! I will confess to being an Apple fan boy, but in fairness, the Apple products that I have purchased have served me well. Seriously, … Continued

Always Ask for Referrals

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In these challenging economic times, we are always looking for new customers. Lets face it, existing customers are being hit by spending freezes, or are even closing down, so the only way to maintain or grow our sales volume is … Continued

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