Search Engine Optimization

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Recently one of my customers asked me to sit in on a presentation made by Yellow Pages (they represent Google in Canada) to consider a pay-per-click marketing campaign on Google. I had built a web site for this customer, and … Continued

Backup Your Web Site

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I recently had a customer referred to me because his web site had been hacked. When you visited his URL his site was gone, replaced by a phishing web site (a site that fakes a real site, and tries to … Continued

Web Pages That Suck

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I probably spend way too much time browsing the Internet (don’t we all), but I have a good excuse! I am always on the prowl for great web site designs. I’m looking for inspiration and ideas that I can borrow … Continued


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Do you ever need to send large files to customers? Say large data sheets, or scans of engineering drawings? It can be a problem. Some large files are just too big to e-mail. Also messages with attachments may be rejected … Continued

Why I Hate Flash

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Regular readers of this blog may have picked up the fact that I am not a fan of Flash animations on business web sites. So why do I hate Flash? Well, maybe hate is a bit strong, but there are … Continued

Update Your Web Page Often

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Perhaps the only reason you have a web site is that your company’s address, phone number and e-mail can be found with a Google search. Its the modern equivalent to being listed in the phone book or the yellow pages. … Continued

New Website

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We just finished building a new website for The Walter Smith Co. Check it out at As I have explained before on this blog, there are three main types of website: the directory/line card, which is the internet equivalent … Continued

Do I Need a Blog?

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Blogs (short for Web Log) started as a type of social media, basically a diary-on-line.  As the format became popular, software was written to make posting to a blog quick and easy. A blog is just a specially formatted web … Continued

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