Web Pages That Suck

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I probably spend way too much time browsing the Internet (don’t we all), but I have a good excuse! I am always on the prowl for great web site designs. I’m looking for inspiration and ideas that I can borrow … Continued


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Do you ever need to send large files to customers? Say large data sheets, or scans of engineering drawings? It can be a problem. Some large files are just too big to e-mail. Also messages with attachments may be rejected … Continued

Why I Hate Flash

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Regular readers of this blog may have picked up the fact that I am not a fan of Flash animations on business web sites. So why do I hate Flash? Well, maybe hate is a bit strong, but there are … Continued

Update Your Web Page Often

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Perhaps the only reason you have a web site is that your company’s address, phone number and e-mail can be found with a Google search. Its the modern equivalent to being listed in the phone book or the yellow pages. … Continued

Show Season is Upon Us

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As the summer wraps up, we need to get ready for show season. Yes, show season is upon us! The first show in the process industry is the Southern Ontario Process Automation Show in Mississauga. For details, check out www.cpecn.com/index.cfm?id=160. … Continued

Set Realistic Sales Targets

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In the course of my sales career, I can’t count the number of times that I had unrealistic sales targets imposed on me by some distant senior manager. To make matters worse, my pay was often determined by how well … Continued

Product Knowlege

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Here is the challenge. Our customers count on technical sales people to be experts in their field. But lets face it, many sales people are not engineers. They may well have been hired because of a proven track record in … Continued

Open Ended Questions

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Open ended questions are probably the most useful tool in your sales bag. So what is an open ended question? It is a question that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no, or a an A, B or … Continued

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